Office Plants and Orchids

Office Plants and Orchids offers a lovely selection of flowers and indoor plants at very reasonable prices. We are an interior plant design and maintenance company, with 35 years experience, installing and maintaining interior plants throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area. Our focus is the installation of quality plants and containers in business environments. This would include malls, building lobbies, offices, exterior plantings around office buildings(not to include turf), and balconies.

Our expertise is design and the proper placement of plants to ensure their health and continued attractiveness. Since we maintain our plantings, we have a vested interest that they are well placed.

More and more of our designs include orchids. These would include Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cymbidium, Oncidium, Vanda, and Cattleyas. They provide a large color palate as well as wonderful fragrances. Their presence in the reception area of a business, immediately up levels the look of a business and excites all who enter. Imagine the look of a tall multi-stemmed brown and yellow Oncidium giving off a wonderful chocolate fragrance. All who enter that office immediately feel better - you can't help it!

There are a limited number of interior plants varieties, under 100. There are thousands of varieties of orchids. Each one with a different shape and color and some with a fragrance.

As far as cost, they can be relatively inexpensive, if placed in the right environment, and amortized over a number of weeks. We have had phalaenopsis orchids last 3 to 4 months, with good light, and watering slightly on the dry side. Compared to a 50-75 dollar a week cut flower arrangement, an orchid is a bargin!

Contact us! We offer a free consultation on your existing plants, and make suggestions what other plants can thrive in your offices, and what orchids would enhance your environment!